Design Wall Monday

I’ve been making kits and cutting up kits I already have.  I now have six kits completely cut and ready to sew:

Blog Kits

This will be great for retreats because I won’t be hauling around extra fabric.  Or waiting for a turn at the cutting tables.

As a follow-up to The Saturday Solution where I shared One Good Thing by Jillee’s post for folding a t-shirt in two seconds…I went back to Jillee’s post and read some of the comments that came in.

Blog Folded shirt

There was a comment by “Jo” (sorry, I don’t have a link or more information than that) stating that she takes it a step further.  After doing the two-second fold, she then folds it in half again, from top to bottom,

Blog Folded upright

then places the shirts in the drawer on end, reminding me of file folders.  She even arranges hers by color.  I think this will really work, because you can see enough of the shirt to identify it.  You can just pluck out the shirt you want without disturbing ten other shirts!

Go HERE to see The Saturday Solution post about folding t-shirts in two seconds.  Then come right back and click on the link below to visit Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday!


Linking to Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday post.

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