UFO Parade — Wednesday’s Progress Report

Minkee on the front and back of a quilt may not be a good idea on a domestic sewing machine, but it works just fine on my longarm.  Because this little quilt is for a tyke (grand-nephew Colton) in Arizona, I’m not using any batting.  He happens to be visually challenged, so I think the soft Minkee will be fun for him.


The down side is that the quilting (stars and loops) scarcely shows on the front.  I think it may show a bit more on the back.  Well, that’s what I get with no batting to plump it up.

I’ve also worked some more on my Quilting Room Cleaning/Reorganization.  And yes, it deserves capital letters!  I bought this closet organizer unit from target a couple of years ago.  My fat quarters fit perfectly in the space designed for shoes.  I have yardage (up to 3-yard cuts) wrapped around comic boards in the very top.  There are two drawers:  one containing various rulers, and the other holds extension cords and various clip-on lights and Ott lights.


THEN I thought I was so clever and filled the lower spaces with yarn.  I put 3-4 skeins in each little cubby.  And there my yarn died.  Out of sight, out of reach.  So I gave the yarn away.

My new plan is putting a little container or tray in each of the 15 openings, and I can pull everything in that cubby out easily.  When I’m done moving things around and sorting, I will label the various trays.  There are certain things I can never find easily, and they will get a slot:  velcro, my hot glue guns, various tools, little hardware closure thingies.


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2 thoughts on “UFO Parade — Wednesday’s Progress Report”

  1. That organizer unit is a great idea. Love the way your fabric fits so perfectly and those trays are a fabulous solution. Way to go, Sue!

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