What I’m Reading..

I almost forgot that Tuesday is Judy Laquidara’s “Whatcha Reading?” day.

I finished In the Woods by Tana French.  The short and sweet is, I liked it well enough.  I’ve seen comments that felt it was a little long and the ending was disappointing.  Both statements are probably true, but I enjoyed it anyway.  In fact, I looked forward to picking up the iPod and listening to another chapter or two.  It is the first book in the Dublin Murder Squad mysteries.  I will be trying another one in this series.

I’ve started another audiobook, Rhys Bowen’s Royal Blood.  This is #4 in the Royal Spyness series.  These books are a light, easy reading, and kind of remind me of an updated  Agathie Christie in terms of being British mysteries that have clean language and nonviolent in nature.  Good vacation reading.

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