“What am I Reading?” Tuesday

And by reading, I really mean I’m listening to an audio book.  That is working out so well for me, as I can “read” while I sew, go for walks, or knit.

Our book club selection for this month is My Antonia by Willa Cather.  This story is set on the Nebraska plain around the turn of the century, 100+ years ago.  Actually, this book was first pubished in 1918.  I really liked this book, and if you like audio books, the narrator, Patrick Lawlor, did a really nice job on this book and added to mIy enjoyment.  It’s a real gentle read, with enaging characters and a look back at our past.  You get a good look at what it was like to be an immigrant in this country around that time.

Since I finished up My Antonia, I started another book:  In the Woods by Tana French.  This the first book in a series:  Dublin Murder Squad is the series name.  I am liking this book so far, and I’m about 2/3 of the way through.  It’s a long book, as it’s about 20 hours of listening.

In case you’re interested, I became a member with www.Audible.com.  You get a book a month for a set fee, but they have had some really attractive sales for members and so I’ve stocked up a bit.  I listen on my iPod.  If you go this route, be sure to check the comments about the reader when you’re looking into reviews of the book.  The reader is just as important as the book itself!

I’ve also listed my books with www.goodreads.com.  That’s a great place for information on books in general, and a place to keep track of what you’ve read, what you’re wanting to read, and to see what other people like.  I have a lot of books listed in my sidebar.  You can click on any book for more info.

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4 thoughts on ““What am I Reading?” Tuesday”

  1. Audible also has a selection of free books. Many are old classics and some I had never heard of prior to this list. You are right about the readers and some books are read by more than one reader.

  2. I liked My Antonia a lot — not sure who the reader was. One of my favorites from audible was The Night Circus; I highly recommend it!

    I do have an iPod problem with books, though — it will play part 1 and then skip to part 3; I go back to part 2 and then it skips to part 4. Very annoying! Sometimes it skips in the middle of a part, but usually at the end. (no, it’s not set to shuffle!) I can’t tell if it’s just old or what… have been too lazy to actually go to the Apple store to try to figure it out.

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