Mount Rainier

We enjoyed our October trip to Seattle so very much.  As we were sight-seeing with friends, we weren’t really thinking about Mt. Ranier.  We had not had a glimpse yet, and I guess other things were on our minds.  As the clouds were burning off during our lunch atop the Space Needle, we had our first indication of where Mt. Ranier was in the Seattle skyline.  If you look below the arrow, you will see the SLIGHTEST rounded indication of where the mountain is (you’ll have to practically put your nose up to the monitor!).

By the time we finished our lunch and went out to the observation area, more clouds had burned off and we had a better look — and of course the camera’s zoom helped too.

The following day we took a ferry to Bremerton for an watery outing and lunch.  On our way back, we were treated to this view:

During the second half of our week, our friends took the Amtrak back home and we switched to “family mode”.  Nephew Bill hosted a fun gathering at his home.  This is the view Bill has from his house:

At this point, we knew we might as well come back home because it couldn’t get any better than that!

One thought on “Mount Rainier”

  1. Glad to see that the mountain made an appearance for you. Living here, we see Mount Rainier so often that sometimes we forget to recognize how impressive it really is.
    It sounds like you had a nice visit to the Seattle area, and not too much rain!

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