Design Wall Monday / Puppy Report

Design Wall Monday:  Not much sewing going on this week.  I am back to work on piecing Judy Laquidara’s Poinsettias top. If you haven’t done so, take the time to check out Judy’s free patterns.  She’s such a generous person/quilter, and she makes some really lovely patterns available…both free and for purchase (check out her books).  (The free ones might be a little less detailed in the directions, and are better suited for someone who has at least a couple of quilts under their sewing belt.)

Puppy Report:  #1 son, Dave, from Virginia drove out here with his beagle Tucson for an early Thanksgiving/Christmas.  Yes, we are WAY ahead in the holiday department this year.

Okay, you probably guessed that was a son.  Here is his “boy” Tucson, shortly after a bath:

#2 son and DIL went on a little anniversary trip, and so we’ve had their sheltie, Milo.  Faithful readers (both of you) might remember Milo’s visit a few years ago.  So it’s been Puppy Town at our house lately.  Thankfully, we’ve had pretty fabulous weather and so no one really minds taking the dogs out.  Here’s Milo, in one of his favorite spots — right by the door!

It’s been fun around here for a non-pet couple like ourselves.  We like our rent-a-dogs!

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2 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday / Puppy Report”

  1. Dogs! I love dogs! I miss the birds. Especially the little yellow warblers. Next summer. Packed my bird feeders away.

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