Friday’s “On the Needles”

A little further on Jim’s “sleep socks”.  Actually it’s still “sock”, but I’ve made some progress:

And in the middle of a dozen thousand other projects, I had this wild urge to make one of these ruffly scarves:

These could be seriously addicting, as it only takes about three hours to knit one up.  I chose this salmon and tan because my coat is tan, and I plan to just wear it as a “neckline filler”.  I would like to make another one in a dark color with sparkles for the holiday season.  Did I mention THREE HOURS???

The scarf yarn is Paton’s Pirouette yarn.  Paton’s has a great video, including a modified way to bind off so your bound-off end looks like the starting end.  Click here for scarf video.

Linking to Judy Laquidara’s “On the Needles”.


4 thoughts on “Friday’s “On the Needles””

  1. Thanks so much for the link. I have made one of these scarves with another name yarn and it took me much longer than 3 hours!!! I was knitting in every big loop and stopped when it was 55 or 58 inches long! I still had quite a bit of yard left. Your colors are great looking. I’m not sure we have that brand around my area, but I’m going to look for it.

    1. They are fun, aren’t they? Have you tried the fabric “yarn”? It’s really interesting. I need to check out your video. Thanks!

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