Serendipity, or just another train wreck?

1.  Started a Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt in 2010.  26 blocks done out of 111.  Pretty much lost interest. (Anybody else in the same boat?)

2.  Went to the Des Moines AQS show last week.  Bought a Lori Smith 40″ x 40″ wall hanging pattern “Chocolate:  A Sampler“, just because it appealed to me and it was on sale.

3.  Today I realized that Chocolate uses 4″ and 6″ blocks.  Hmm.  Farmer’s Wife uses 6″ blocks.

4.  Redid the center of the pattern (on EQ) to use 6″ blocks.  It would take 25  6″ blocks.  I would probably need to make 2-5 replacement blocks to get the appropriate light and dark blocks, and for a better color balance.  Hmm.  Make two to five blocks vs making 85 more blocks?  Even with making an appliqued border, I’m miles ahead.

I think I have my plan.  The Chocolate pattern has a 6″ appliqued border.  I thought I would try the invisible machine applique method, but maybe I would do traditional applique.

So, what do you think?

(Part 2:  Couldn’t sleep so I decided to play with EQ7 and my Farmer’s Wife Sampler blocks.)

Of course it doesn’t show the applique in the borders.  I think I need to replace the blocks that have a lot of pink.  I also need more dark blocks.  The center nine blocks should be darker than the surrounding blocks.  I think this might work.

I am also noticing that with the blocks set right next to each other without sashing, I think the colors need to be more homogeneous.  *sigh*  Time to go to bed and look at it again in the morning.  As of right now, I think I would need to replace about 7 blocks.

4 thoughts on “Serendipity, or just another train wreck?”

  1. Well, must have hit the wrong button. Anyway as I was saying I like the pink block in the center. Of course, my iPad may mot be reflecting the truest colors. That is my excuse anyway. Put a little appliqué in the border and it should be fine. But what do I know, since I am color challenged. Love whatever you do.

  2. I think I would like it better with something else where the blocks are. I like the pattern on the pink blocks though. You always do a great job with whatever you do. The chocolate look scrumtious !!!!

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