This Week’s Puzzle

I looked through my Alabama photos for a puzzle candidate.  I settled on an anole lizard!  Yes, I’ve never had a lizard on my blog before — and this is probably a first and last, although she was pretty cute.  Well, cute for a lizard.  By the way, this is the 80th puzzle I’ve made through JigZone, although I may not have had them all here.

She was doing what lizards do…sunning herself on a rock.  I read that the males are all green or brown and the females are green or brown with a pattern down their back.  And don’t you just love her blue eye makeup?  Yup, she’s probably out there looking for “Mr. Right”.

Here she is as a puzzle.  It might be a little tougher than usual because of the large amount of rock, but I know you’re up for it!  Click anywhere on the puzzle to begin.

Click to Mix and Solve

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