Yup, it’s still me!

My blog just has a new look.  I realized this week that my old theme was basically obsolete — the designer quit making updates to it in 2009!  Eventually there was likely to be a compatibility problem.  This time around, I chose the most popular FREE theme available through WordPress, “Twenty Eleven”.  I have to say, it was simple enough to switch themes and everything seems to be in the right place.  I also went to just one sidebar.  My text and photos don’t seem quite so squished.

Just so you know it’s still REALLY ME, here’s a photo:

One of the gardens outside the Horticultural Building at the Minnesota State Fair.

Let me know what you think, if it’s easy enough to read, and if you encounter anything strange or not working.  Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Yup, it’s still me!”

  1. The new look is nice. Checked out the Farmer’s Wife Sampler, I’m still just looking at the book, haven’t started making any blocks.

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