Fair Food Give-Away Results!

I had a lot of fun reading the comments this week regarding what you thought I ate at the Minnesota State Fair last week.  For the main dishes, the votes were pretty evenly divided between the turkey sandwich, ostrich, lamb chops, spaghetti, and alligator.  I had the LAMB CHOPS!  They were delicious (be sure and get the mint jelly), and I would definitely have them again.  My second choice would be to try the teriyaki ostrich.

Side dishes, the overwhelming favorite vote was for fried green tomatoes.  And I had…FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!  The bad news:  I wouldn’t have them again at the fair.  They were underseasoned and pretty boring, even with a ranch dressing dipping sauce with a squirt of hot sauce in it.

I heard some rave reviews on the deep-fried green pepper rings, and I would definitely try them next time.  The mango on a stick sounds like a really refreshing choice amongst all the fried food, and I know the corn on the cob at the fair is excellent.  All good choices there, I think.

Dessert?  I had that FIRST, as I was passing by that booth at one end of the fair and I didn’t want to backtrack later on for dessert.  Fudge puppies were the leader in votes, probably followed by cream puffs, with fried candy bars, butterscotch cake on a stick and deep-fried fruit trailing along after.

I had the best CREAM PUFFS ever!  I had the chocolate whipped cream inside the puffs, icy cold — it’s hard to imagine a better dessert.  I think I have to try a fudge puppy next year, just out of curiosity.  The fried fruit and fried candy bars just seem so wrong, even for Fair food.  I would have the butterscotch cake on a stick in a heartbeat though, it just sounds delicious!

So, how did everybody do with their picks???  Over the five days, there were 55 comments with menu guesses.  Who got all three guesses right?

NOBODY!!!  Wow, that really surprised me.  Lots of people had two right…oh, so close.  So we’ll crank up the old random number generator machine and have it spit out seven random winners.

#6, Gay wins a Rosebud’s Cottage kit.  Her comment::  LambChops,corn on cob,fudge puppies.  BTW most of these items would be a new experience for me! all sounds good.

#24, Bert wins a Rosebud’s Cottage kit.  Her comment:  Maybe the alligator, mango, and fruit on a stick.

#28, Vicki Evers wins the Folder Corner Clipper Ruler by Prairie Sky Quilting.  Her comment:  Turkey, corn and cream puff.

#31, Linda (first Linda) wins the Design&BeMary pattern.  Her comment:  Hot turkey sandwich, MN corn on the cob and cream puff

#49, June wins the Atkinson Designs pattern.  Her comment:  I think Sue went all out and had a Lamb Chop on a Stick, for sure fried green tomatoes and because she thought she needed to watch her diet, deep fried fruit on a stick.

#9, Luanne K. wins the Perkins Drygoods pattern.  Her comment:  I think alligator, mango and butterscotch cake.
Love the quilt!

#26, Judy D. wins the This & That pattern.  Her comment: Spaghetti and meatballs, swiss cheese, fudge puppies. Sherri has some super cute stuff over on her site! Thanks for sharing. This game is fun. :)

A big thank you to everyone who played along this week.  It extended the Fair Fun for me!  And thank you, Roseann Kearmes of Rosebud’s Cottage for generously contributing a big part of the prizes.  And don’t we all LOVE prizes?

Have a great weekend.


p.s.  I’ve sent e-mails to the winners for your snail mail addresses.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Fair Food Give-Away Results!”

  1. okay, but what IS a fudge puppy? and how do they put spaghetti on a stick? I guess I just need to go to Minnesota and find out…

    p.s. I love the new blog look. I could use a facelift around now, too, in more ways than one!

  2. Thank you so much for the prize. I look forward to having another project to do as I am so short on them.Ha Ha Really can one ever have too many?

  3. Well it sounds like a yummy day. Congrats to all those winners! You sure kept us guessing, Sue. I have never had lamb that I liked, funny how our own tastes flavors our choices, huh ~

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