It’s the “What did Sue eat at the Fair?” GIVE-AWAY!!!

Amazing Mosaic at the MN State Fair
Amazing Mosaic at the MN State Fair

Today is the 12th and last day of the Minnesota State Fair, “The Great Minnesota Get-Together”! According to Wikipedia, our fair has the highest daily attendance of any fair in the US.  (Texas beats us in total fair attendance, as their fair runs for twice as many days as the MN State fair.)  Over 100,000 people attend the fair each day, with well over 200,000 each weekend day and Labor Day!  Whew!  That’s a lot of corn dogs and…

You need to get your dairy somewhere, right?

I wanted to get in a quilt picture, and this quilt was my FAVORITE one at the fair.  What a fresh take on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

And as you can see, the maker of this quilt was amply rewarded with ribbons.  One of the large rosettes was given by Rosebud’s Cottage, a quilt shop in White Bear Lake, MN, owned and run by Roseann Kermes.  You may recognize Roseann’s name as a pattern contributor to quilt magazines, as a guest on Pat Sloan’s quilt radio, from her booth in Heritage Square, or as a quilt shop owner in White Bear Lake.

Roseann’s  quilt shop is definitely a worthy destination shopping trip.  She’s located in a fun area of White Bear Lake with lots of other interesting shopping and unique restaurants.  Roseann’s shop is filled with cool ideas, quick kits, fun patterns, great samples, and LOTS of wool and wool patterns as well.

And speaking of quick kits and fun patterns, Roseann donated two (count ’em, TWO) 22″ x 22″ table topper kits, patterns included; plus three patterns, each by a different well-known Minnesota designer; and a tool by a 4th well-known Minnesota designer.  SIX prizes.  Woo-hoo!  Here are the toppers (I’ll talk about the other prizes during this week):

So now let’s talk about fair food — no, Fair food!

I ate three items on Tuesday, August 28th.  (I’m being specific because I went to the fair twice.)  I consumed a main dish/meat item, a side-dish item, and a dessert.  No….a Dessert…which I ate first!  I’ll give you some items to choose from.  What I devoured is somewhere on these lists, one item from each list.  Ready????

Main Dish:    Spaghetti & Meatballs on a stick, Teriyaki Ostrich on a stick, Hot Fresh Turkey Sandwich, Lamb Chops on a stick, or Alligator on a stick.

Side DishDeep-fried Green Pepper Rings, MN Corn on the Cob, Mango on a stick, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Swiss Cheese on a stick.

Dessert Fudge Puppies, Deep-Fried Candy Bar, Cream Puff, Deep-Fried Fruit on a Stick, Butterscotch Cake on a stick

Did you make your three guesses, one from each category (Main Dish, Side Dish & Dessert)?  Include ALL THREE choices into a comment to this post.  You don’t have to include the total description of each one (for example, for Teriyaki Ostrich on a stick — just enter “ostrich” plus your two other choices, of course).  You need to have all three courses correct to win…see Fine Print below.

But wait…there’s more…this give-away is going to run all week, so if you check back Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday….you can enter up to FIVE times!  That’s the deal, you can enter once per day, comments will close at midnight Friday, August 7th, CST.

Fine Print:  Winners will be posted Saturday, August 8th.  If there are more than six people with all three foods chosen correctly, I will award additional prizes.  If there are fewer than six with three correct answers, I will do a random drawing to bring the number of winners up to six.  And you can enter FIVE times, once each day this week.

Good Luck!  (NOTE:  Comments are closed for this post.  Contest runs through Friday 9/7/2012.  There will be a new post each day from 9/3 thru 9/7/2012, and you may leave a comment on the current day’s post.  You may comment once each day.)


PS:  By the way, these are all foods available at the fair, along with hundreds of other foods!  See you tomorrow…

15 thoughts on “It’s the “What did Sue eat at the Fair?” GIVE-AWAY!!!”

  1. I cannot imagine eating some of these “foods” listed, lol! Let’s see, I would choose for you: ostrich (very yum), tomatoes, and maybe butterscotch cake? Hope you are surviving the gastro-challenges!

  2. I always love it when you go to the fair! Seems like we don’t have nearly the variety of strange food here in California that you do in the midwest… Anyway, I’m going with lamp chops, corn, and deep-fried fruit. (and what is a fudge puppy?)

  3. I’ll go with alligator, green pepper rings, and cream puffs. (Cream puffs are the signature food of the Wisconsin State Fair. Corn dogs are the signature of the Illinois State Fair.)

  4. LambChops,corn on cob,fudge puppies.
    BTW most of these items would be a new experience for me! all sounds good.
    Love the quilt!

  5. I got to spend a bunch of time alone in the creative building which has never been done! Very fun for me! I actually loved the monotone quilt that won the machine stitched award (I think from Bear Quilting too…?)

    My guess is: Spaghetti (because who wouldn’t want to try this on a stick? – we didn’t because we didn’t see it), Green tomatoes (that just sounds “you”) and Cream Puff.

  6. I have thought what would sound like you. I picked Ostrich, green tomatoes(I love them myself), and fudge puppies.

  7. Well, if I could even eat those foods (which I can’t) I would have selected the Ostrich, Green Tomatoes and a Cream Puff and I would have eaten the Cream Puff first.

  8. This is really hard to do. I was at the Fair, too, and have to admit, I didn’t see any of these items!! What else did I miss? I’m going w/turkey sandwich, mango and cream puff. The cake sounds yummy though.

  9. LOVE that quilt…….thanks for sharing!
    Oh fair food! Is there anything better!!
    I’ll guess Teriyaki Ostrich on a stick, Fried Green Tomatoes and Butterscotch cake on a stick.

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