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I named my blog Featherstone Quiltworks, because at the time I was doing machine quilting for customers and that was the name of my business.  The name still fits because I still quilt, and the “Featherstone” part is the name of the little slough/pond/lake/wet spot that I can see out my windows.

I did make my web address my name — mostly because it was available.  In the event quilting goes away from my life, I could change my site name but keep my same blog address.  That would work as long as I didn’t change my name!

Every once in a while I come across a quilting blog name that I wish I had thought of first.

Like  I LOVE that name.

Like most anything with sister in the name, or secret, or sewing…

I know there are some highly intelligent and very discerning men who follow my blog (hi, Patrick, hi Jim!), so I guess referring to a sisterhood might be a little offputting to some.

Sadly The Secret Sewing Sisterhood is already taken by some pretty fabulous quilters in Australia, so you can continue to search for Featherstone Quiltworks.  *sigh*


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