Elvis Report

Yes, I know, he’s still dead  — or living at the mall, depending on what news report you want to believe.  I was referring to the OTHER Elvis, the Elvis that lives in my lower level…you know, my Gammill!  Well, it’s just fun to say that I’m going downstairs to hang out with Elvis.

Right now I’m quilting a baby quilt for a friend (cutest quilt ever).  Here’s just a peek:

Nine blocks of bunnies, puppies, kittens, pandas, and … a cow.  I’ll see if I can find the pattern name and designer, but I think it’s a pattern that’s been out for a long time.  I’ll post a picture of the whole top when it’s done.

When this one comes off the machine this weekend, I’ll get my scrappy 9-patch quilted.  It’s been aging to perfection in my sewing closet for quite a long time and needs to become a quilt.

— Sue

2 thoughts on “Elvis Report”

  1. Oh My! I can’t wait to see this. I happen to have a couple of cute littles that might need a quilt like this!
    Super cute.

    Funny how those quilt tops have to age…..or not so funny. 😉

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