The ’50s

I was a lucky girl to grow up in the 1950s.  Yes, times were tough, money was scarce, we were poor, we lived miles away from any other kids — wait a minute!  Where was I going with this?  We had cousins around to play with from time to time, we learned how to entertain ourselves and mostly stay out of trouble, and to help around the house/farm.

Our home town in the 1950s was Clinton, MN, and the state centennial was in 1958.  I remember all the men in town had to grow a beard.  My dad had jet-black hair, and his beard came in red.  Here are my mom and dad, 30 years old (or maybe 29):

and me and my brother Bill (I was 9 and bill 7):

My mom was a garment sewer, and I know she would have worked hard to make her family look good.  Aren’t we cute?  Or maybe the clothing was available from the photographer in town, as these appear to be professional photos.

I remember my mom twisting my hair around rags to make those long spiral curls.  The bangs, though…not so good!   Such fun memories.




7 thoughts on “The ’50s”

  1. Great pics! Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one with those short bangs. Must have the style back then!! I like the way you have your arm around your brother while he seems to be trying to be very ‘manly’!

  2. Great photos, Sue! I think I’m just a couple of years behind you but I managed to avoid those bangs (except when I cut them myself one time…)
    It’s good to see you back here, and hope everything is going better now.

  3. Adorable pics! Yes, I think we were luck to have lived in ther 50’s. Everyone was in the same boat, financially—-but we have such priceless memories!

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