Chickens and Cows…

we must be on the farm!

Last week we took a trip to western North Dakota for the Hubster’s class reunion.  We stayed on Don & Ruth’s farm (BIL & SIL) in their absence.  Of course we had to walk around a bit and check out the livestock.

The calves were glad to have visitors (other than the hired help that come by to feed them):

We were inside their enclosure, and for a city girl (me), it was a little bit of a heart-pounding experience to have a pretty good size calf rushing straight towards you!  Jim was much more at east with the calves…

…which kept coming out of the trees!  We were mobbed with six friendly calves.

The chickens were much less intimidating — they were afraid of us!  They have a lot of room in their fenced-in area, but they seemed to like to be crammed into a corner to take a look at the interlopers:

We hadn’t been out west for a while.  We knew the Bakken oilfield was changing the western part of the state, but we were still amazed at the number of oil wells going in everywhere, the HUGE increase in truck traffic, and the general busy-ness of the area.  Life has really changed for the long-time residents.

I wish I had a picture of this, but when Don & Ruth returned, I got to help Ruth feed bottled milk to the calves.  Through the gate!  Those calves go crazy when you have milk!  It was a lot of mud (it rained the night before), a lot of calf slobber, and a lot of fun!  It was a great note to end our trip on.

You’ll have to use your imagination and picture this city girl in her new Berki gold sandals feeding the calves!  It was an impromptu helping session, and I definitely wasn’t dressed for it.







5 thoughts on “Chickens and Cows…”

  1. Oh Sue!! What a site that must have been!! But kudos for you for trying. Those calves really do go crazy over their milk–and suck it down right now!! If you ever get the urge again. come out to Veseli!

  2. made me miss feeding bottle babies. I was talking with my husband and said I miss how new calves and horses smell. The soft noses the calves can wrinkles up. The long eyelashes. And the hard little feet that would have TROMPED right on your gold sandals! OW!

  3. I’m picturing you in your city clothes, ala’ Ms Gabor in “Green Acres.” Too bad there was no photo (or maybe that was a good thing)!

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