I’m back!

Slept in my own bed last night.  What luxury!  There really is no place like home.

Mom moved into assisted living yesterday.  Needless to say — but I’ll say it anyway — it’s been a busy time.  The Hubster did a great job of keeping things going at home without me for those two weeks.  More Mom-related stuff to do…get meds straightened out between nurses and the doc…fill out MORE paperwork…bring up 10 boxes of glassware and trinkets and put away…empty out the other half of her apartment that she couldn’t take with her…sell her car…but as hard as I worked, I gave thanks every day that I could do what needed to be done, that I’m so fortunate to be retired and healthy.

Then I can start thinking about my stuff!  I’ve been keeping a list of some Mom-related tasks just so I can check them off.  Whenever I feel like I’m going nowhere and my list isn’t getting any shorter, I look back at all that’s accomplished.

On a fun note, I’m going to my Aunt Bertha’s quilting get-away in July at Grand Oak Retreat in Alabama.  That’s the fun carrot that’s dangling in front of me.  Can’t wait!  And the way time’s been flying by, it will be here in no time.  (click on the link and prepare to be amazed)

No photos today, but picture me sore and tired, in my circus tent PJs (white & pink striped with fruit on them!), making my first cuppacoffee of the day.


4 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. Jim’s the best…I forgot to put a check in the mail before I went to Mom’s, so I asked Jim to take care of the deposit. I think I need a LOT OF CHECKS for “Sue’s playtime”. Did I mention that Jim’s the BEST???

  2. It is also motivation to get my sewing room up-to-snuff. By the way, the check arrived with a little note “for Sue’s playtime”.

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