Today’s the Day…

I’m packing my bag, and I’ll be picking up my mom from the rehab facility that’s been her home for a month or so where she’s been recovering from her stroke.  I’ll be staying with mom in her apartment, and will hopefully be able to do some work to help her vacate her apartment as she gets ready to move into an assisted living facility about May 1.

Mom’s worked hard in rehab and come a long way, but it’s apparent she shouldn’t live alone in her apartment any more.

I’ll have access to my e-mail, Facebook, and the Web through my phone.  (Soooo glad I took the plunge into the 21st century and bought a smart phone in December.)  I’m also packing a sewing machine!  With all the emergency room/hospital/rehab visits, insurance issues, apartment issues, new-place-t0-live search, I haven’t sewn a stitch in over a month.  (Well, I take that back.  I did hand-stitch on my Grandfather’s Rose Garden hexie quilt at DayStitchers.)  My plan is to take care of mom during the day and sew at night (Mom’s been going to bed at 8:00).  That just made me shudder!  Things never seem to go according to PLAN!!!

And this is really embarrassing.  I just searched through my pictures so I could include a photo of Mom.  Thousands of bugs/birds/flowers pictures later, I found this 2008 photo when she stayed at our house for a few days because her shoulder was bothering her.  (I think I caught her laughing.)  We were watching the Kentucky Derby and thought we should wear hats.  Okay, I thought we should wear hats.  I definitely need to take my new camera with me and take “people pictures” more often!

So think of me and my mom, Velma, as we spend these days together.  There sure to be good times and hard times as we get her ready for her move.



10 thoughts on “Today’s the Day…”

  1. What a wonderful picture of mother.
    You’ve done a fantastic job on finding her a new place and she’s sure to really like it there.
    We’re here to help in any way that you feel we can.
    You’re her angel right now. What a blessing~ prayers for a smooth transition.

  2. Your Mom looks like such a sweet lady, I know where you get that. That will be very special time, one you will remember forever. I miss my Mom so much. She is so LUCKY to have such a loving daughter! Take Care

  3. Oh, what a challenge, but you’ll be up to it, Sue! I’m glad that you are in a place in your life where you can be there for her, and I know you will never regret it. Blessings, I’ll think of you both ~

  4. The days ahead will be both happy and sad but you will never regret the time you spend. You are a blessing to your Mom. Please let me know if I can help. Margaret

  5. Hope your Mother continues to improve and you can settle her in a nice place. Take care of yourself too.

  6. I hope when my time comes, that one of my daughters is as good to me as you are to your mother. the love shows through.

  7. My sister and I are anticipating the same with our mother fairly soon. It is hard giving up the things your cherish but I know you will make it easier for her and you will have time to share the memories. Prayers for you both.

  8. We are sure thinking of you both. It’s a big change (for all of you actually) but certainly manageable. A plus – you’ll build some new memories while downsizing; every item you look at will have a story!

    And Velma, you sure look good in that red hat!!!!

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