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plus a bunch of other stuff:

Wow!  It’s been a month since I posted here.  I feel like I should bring a note from my doctor — well, maybe from my mom’s doctor.  Right after we got back from Texas, my mom had a stroke.  I’ll spare you all the details, but a lot of my time has been spent driving across town to the hospital/care center.  She’s doing better physically, so that’s good news.  She’s really working hard at it!

I’ve been doing a major redo of my sewing room.  It’s still in the disaster stage, but it’s looking like a smaller tornado went through than what it initially looked like.  Well, I thought I was doing pretty well until I couldn’t find my iron this morning!  That’s a pretty large item to “lose”.  Still haven’t found it.

There’s nothing on my design wall!  Actually, there’s NO design wall.  I’m not sure I’m going to put it back up.  I seem to prefer the design floor instead.  So on my Design Placemat today is:

this little project.  I’m going to Christmas Club this morning, and the rule is you have to work on something Christmas related, as in a gift or Christmas-themed item.  So I guess this will be a gift! I found a kit in my closet made by Sandi Andersen over at A Legacy of Stitches.  When Sandi moved from our area, she gave away a number of items, and I got this little pincushion pattern from Sandi with the felt included.  I WAS able to find my embroidery floss in my sewing-pit/soon-to-be-fabulous-sewing-room, so I have a project to work on today.  YEA!!!  And a special “Thinking of You” to Sandi as she is dealing with some medical issues as we speak.

I want to give a special “hi” to my newly found cousin Judy S in San Antonio.  I was able to meet Judy for the first time on my way to JudyL’s quilt retreat back in February, and she is a lovely, caring lady.

And I’m on Weight Watchers.  I started right before mom’s episode, and I’m determined not to let anything derail me.  So far, so good — 9# less to carry around.  I love their recipes!  It’s challenging trying to lose weight when your eating partner needs to work to keep his weight up.  I wish we could just do a “fat transfer“, you know, like transferring funds from one bank account to another!

And more on all of this later.  I know you don’t want to hear about my whole month in one blog post.  I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it!

Check out JudyL’s blog for lots more Design Wall Monday posts!




4 thoughts on “Design-Wall Monday…”

  1. Oh, my dear cousin!! I almost missed your note to me as I was scanning so fast! Thank you. I was trying to restrain myself after sending you two or three emails that you may not have received and a phone message or two. My numbers and email address may not be current with your fancy phone.(smile here) Now I understand. I too, am glad we finally met along with my DH over lunch. Like the others I was worried, scanned the net, but did not wish to impose. Years ago my mom also had a stroke, right in front of me. My BIL had one driving in rush hour from Dallas Love Field to home north of DFW INTNL. Years before that, I worked for about six years with stroke patients and have shared in their journeys to recovery. -one lady all the way from comatose for a couple of months (we kept talking to her) to my turning the corner by the nurses station 6 mo or so later, to find her out in the hall telling the nurses what they needed to do. My heartfelt best wishes to your mom and all moms and families. I had a few more years with mine before we lost her, yet through my memories she teaches me to this day. I am amazed and humbled by that and thankful. ‘So glad you are back with us.
    – Judy S

  2. Had a feeling something was wrong, but i decided to play the waiting game and not call. Hope your Mom is doing better!! I finally got at my quilting on Sat. I have the weight off I put on in Port A, so trying to get some more off. Good Luck to you!!

  3. Good to hear from you. Sorry for your Mom, we worry so over our parents, and kids, for that matter. I like the pincushion, and I’m glad you are working on your sewing area…me too. I’m just not dedicated to the task. I’ll hope to get more done soon, myself. Glad to hear you are keeping up on the weight and health goal for yourself, are you still walking?

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