Irish Stars — Borders

This is the layout I originally came up with in Electric Quilt.  Nothing too creative, but I thought it would show off the tropical looking batik I’m using where the lighter green is in the drawing.

What I have so far, ready for borders:

I like the above quilt, except for the size.  All our beds are queens, and I need quite a bit more width to make this quilt a usable size for us.  Normally, I would have just made it 7 blocks by 7 blocks, and that would make a nice square quilt that’s perfect on a queen.

Normally.  This quilt is anything but normal.  I decided to use Vicki Welsh’s/Judy Laquidara’s January Color Palette in a spur-of-the-moment decision, standing in a quilt shop, looking at the most luscious batik in perfect tropical blues and greens.  I pulled out my phone, brought up Judy’s blog, and picked out the other fabrics by comparing them to the photo on my phone.  I chose quantities for each fabric out of thin air, as I had no idea what I would be making.  Then I went back home, fabrics in hand, ready to create something with those predetermined fabric amounts/colors.

Making more blocks is out of the question as I don’t have enough of a couple of the fabrics.  I’ve been back to the shop, and they are gone-gone-gone.

At this point, I’m really glad I bought Judy Laquidara’s book, 60 Pieced Quilt BordersI’ve been playing around with a couple of borders I thought would work, and I settled on Judy’s Border Option #58, and reworked it just a tad to fit my quilt.  Really and truly, if you haven’t picked up this book, it should be on your shelf.  It’s a great reference book with 60 borders.  Judy also explains how to make the borders work on any quilt.  Oh, and there are also 15 really nice quilt patterns!

My quilt is going to be HUGE, measuring 100 x 105.  It will be a queen bedspread size.  A pretty big project for an impulse!  The star/Irish chain area of the quilt will cover the top of the bed, with all the borders becoming the drop on the sides and end.

I guess I better get busy!



6 thoughts on “Irish Stars — Borders”

  1. I love your quilt! I thought January’s palette was awesome and I think you’ve done something fantastic with it. Can’t wait to see what it looks like after you add the borders!

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