Last weekend, twenty-some quilters from all over the country (plus Krista, “The Canadian”) converged in Brownwood, TX, for Judy L’s quilting retreat.  I was in a fortunate position to be able to go, staying o*n*l*y 400 miles away.  Hey, 400 miles is almost next door in Texas!  Judy might show up at the door of our condo at Port A anytime for a cup of sugar…

Here is our sewing room on Thursday, the first full day of the retreat, at 8:00 a.m.  Pretty empty and tidy:

Here is the room at 8:00 p.m Saturday, the last day, where everyone spread out the sewing they accomplished:

We had a regular sweatshop going…people were there to produce!!!  I had fun immediate neighbors to sew with.  Karla (from the Waco, TX, area) was my table-mate.  She sewed together patches left to her by her mother.  It made me wonder who’s going to sew together my patches when I’m gone…boys…are you listening?

And on the other side of me was Krista, all the way from Ottawa, Canada!  Krista worked on some of the most interesting and beautiful projects.  Here she is with some of her blocks from Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay:

I’m so grateful to Judy Laquidara for organizing this retreat.  And everything you’ve suspected about Judy is true!  She’s warm, funny, an outstanding quilter, a wonderful cook with a generous spirit.  No wonder so many people follow her blog!




5 thoughts on “Retreat”

  1. No eye surgery next year, think it would only be a 2 day drive. I could turn right at Birmingham, al and left at Dallas, tx. Easy peasy, right.

  2. How much fun did you have!!! I wish our retreat room had this much space–we are cozy but comfortable. I love that you could lay out your projects and have a walk about!!

    I’m already plotting and planning for next year.

  3. Sue, I often wonder the same thing – who’s gonna sew my leftover patches or cut my leftover fabrics??? Sounds like you had a GREAT time…

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