Tuesday Tweets

The Ecobirder (my favorite bird blog) started a bird meme called Tuesday Tweets, and this is his first week!

This is a green-winged teal photo, taken last week at the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas, TX.  Port Aransas is on Mustang Island, one of the barrier reef islands along the Gulf of Mexico.  We have the benefit of being in a major migratory path of a large variety of birds.  Unfortunately the drought in Texas has even reached the islands, and some ponds have temporarily dried up.  The ducks, however, are plentiful, and I thought this fellow was particularly fetching in the late afternoon light.

Be sure to pop on over to the Ecobirder’s blog to check out other photos!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tweets”

  1. It is JOY that you appreciate birds, PLUS that you have such an eye for the best light, angles, and backgrounds. We have a MYSTERY BIRD in our TEXAS neighborhood about the psst 4 years. We are unsuccessful, so far, in identifying it as we cannot see it. It has a SOFT QUACK, QUACKIER in the a.m.; often there is a peep, peep around, too. I just have to ID this darling character that I know only by its voice. I’ve considered a giant bird feeder and bird bath but hubby is not yet keen on that. I miss echoing the whistle of the “Bob White”s down here as I did in childhood in OK.

  2. Very nice shot. The green-winged teal is one of the few ducks that I do not have many pics of. Thank you very much for participating in the inaugural posting of Tuesday Tweets.


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