Do you like HGTV?

I do, and I like seeing the “before” and “after” pictures.

We had some remodeling done this winter in the little efficiency condo next door to us in Texas (we use it as a second bedroom when needed, and it’s in rental the rest of the time).  I really like how it came out.  The Before:

and the After:

The old kitchen was original to 1983, so it was well past the time for an update.  We had to “steal” about 10″ from the walk-in closet to get in a real refrigerator and slightly bigger range.  And DRAWERS!!!  We have DRAWERS!!!

The carpet went in Wednesday, so we are officially D*O*N*E with this project.  I love how it turned out though.  Now I’m thinking I need a glass-tile backsplash in our kitchen at home, but it will have to be a do-it-myself project.



13 thoughts on “Do you like HGTV?”

  1. I love how it turned out! I know you were nervous with the work being done while you were gone–but it looks fabulous. Loved it before–love it now; it was always the hostess that made it work. M

  2. Sue, the remodel job is fabulous. It looks so different. Thanks for letting us (Margaret and me) stay –it was very nice even before the remodel. June

  3. Dear Sue, HOW BEAUTIFUL! I am learning from HGTV as I design a storm-resistant piece of property (yet to locate one with the hope of water for a couple of centuries). I just had to bring my husband in to look at the before and after as the before kit is almost a replica of our 1 rm apt kitchen wall at theology school SMU in the mid 60s. Ours had one frig/freezer and no DW either. It was left of the hall,the sofa sat right, closet right of it. What a memory with white glove inspections and new floor wax monthly. You all did quite a lovely job!

  4. Hi, Betty: It does look like vinyl in the picture but it’s a really pretty cream tile with a little sand and blue in it. Our installer did a great job of running the tile into the closet and also using it as a kick plate and baseboard in the closet.

  5. That looks wonderful. I especially like the extended vinyl floor and the carpet…both look really nice with the backsplash! Great re-do!

  6. I’m addicted to HGTV. LOL! And you have done a stellar job on this little efficiency! I was watching Divine Design the other day and loved a tile backsplash that was put in a kitchen. Looked over at my kitchen and thought…….hmmm……..I need a tile backsplash. LOL! I think I’ll add that to my husband’s “project” list. 🙂

  7. Turned out so nice! I too am in the midst of remodeling that farm house. Running into structual issues there, so might have to stay “in the box”. This pertains mostly to the kitchen-so still have lots of other places to play with. Good job!

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