Resolutions, Anyone?

I’m not much on making resolutions, mostly because past experience tells me I’m not likely to keep them for very long anyway.

This year I’ve made one (I actually started this week) that I’m going to work really really hard to keep, because it’s a 11-week resolution.  I’m going to walk 165 miles in eleven weeks.   I was going to make it 150 miles, but since that doesn’t divide evenly by 11 — well, if you’re mathematically challenged like I am, 165 will make perfect sense to you!  This way, I know I need to average 15 miles a week.

I’ll report on Sundays — my Sunday Stick-To-It Report.

As this is the end of the first week for my walking, I’ll report my first week’s progress here:

Week 1:  15 miles

If there’s a resolution you’ve been thinking about, maybe just make a smaller commitment to start.  A whole year is a long time, and anything we do that’s good for our health is going to be beneficial.  And who knows?  Maybe it will lead to new long-term habits.

Right now I’m working on ten more weeks, one day at a time.


One thought on “Resolutions, Anyone?”

  1. That is a very do-able goal, Sue, and it will have good benefits, too. Ours isfor health related choices, too. I Hope you have the happiest of new years!

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