I’ve been away…

…for a week, but somehow it seems much longer.  I think it’s because we packed so MUCH into that week!

I actually wasn’t going to blog this weekend because everything I thought about, I wanted to save.  UFO progress at the retreat?  Nope, want to save it for Thursday’s Child post.  New projects I’m working on?  I want to save those for Monday’s Design Wall report.  So just to give you a taste of the fruits of our retreat labors (and we were a hard-working bunch), here’s a picture:

And I took a little walk behind the house today to check on the state of the wild flowers.  From the window, they look pretty dried up.  There are a few “late bloomers”, though, and they are pretty:

The bugs I saw today were kind of ooky looking, so I’m sparing you any close-ups.  You’re welcome.

That’s it for now.  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!





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