Thursday’s Child…

Has Far to Sew.  Even though I’ve checked, and I WASN’T born on a Thursday, I believe I must have been due on a Thursday.  I have a very long way to go sew before I am even close to caught up on sewing/quilting projects.

My UFO progress this week:

I completed two more blocks for my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  All the flower blocks are ’30s prints, and the “path” is sort of a lavender gray.  It’s going to be lap sized, a quilt I can have at the end of the bed or over a chair.  I now have 12 blocks done, 26 to go!  (And a photo tip:  if I would have used flash, the wrinkles in the block wouldn’t show!)

How are you doing on your UFOs?  Did you make any progress this week?  Click here for my new UFO support blog (Thursday’s Child Has Far To Sew).

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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Child…”

  1. I have far to sew, too, but I’m Wednesday’s child…I refuse to be full of woe, lol
    Happy Thursday, Sue, come have a spot of tea. I’m serving mint today, in pretty pink cups….

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