Design-Wall Monday

I definitely haven’t been sewing enough.

I did make a hand-pieced GFG (Grandmother’s Flower Garden) block, so I am up to 10.  Out of a jillion.  My “path” around the blocks will be this medium gray.  (Just making a note of that for whoever finishes this after I’m gone!)

Still working on the house redecorating project.  DH hung a new DR light fixture, and it looks great!  Picture in the LR has been re-matted and re-framed to go with the totally different color scheme.  Wall light fixture has been hung.  Sun room (DH’s new “man cave” has been prepped for painting.  New kitchen rugs have been picked up from the cutting and binding service, and are now in place.  We are almost at the point where we can catch a breath — so it must be almost time for my cornice/drapery fabric to arrive.

I don’t want to share much until it’s ALL done, but here is a picture of the re-matted and re-framed painting.  (It’s a watercolor by local artist Agnes Fine, who passed away last year.)  I always loved this painting, and I’m so glad we can still have it in the living room.

STATE FAIR STARTS THIS WEEK…quilts and food, food and quilts…

and the hummers are back!  This guy spends most of his time watching out for other hummingbirds that might want a sip of the syrup.  Then a chase ensues.

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