The Hummers Are Back!

It sure would be fun if they could tell me all the places they’ve been!  We’ve had at least three of them hanging around the crab tree.  Well, actually the one male is very territorial and guards the feeder.

It was pretty close to sunset and there wasn’t enough light to get a really good picture, but I like how his ruby-red throat glistens in the direct sunlight.

Gee, it’s fun to have them back!


Good News:  I got a Grandmother’s Flower Garden block almost completed tonight while watching totally stupid TV.

Bad News:  I think I’m allergic to chocolate!!!  That’s so depressing, it makes me want a piece of … apple?  Oh, this is going to be tough.

3 thoughts on “The Hummers Are Back!”

  1. love the hummer pics. they are such pretty birds.
    We’re still in the pea soup smoke/fog here today,(from the Dismal Swamp fire) and looking forward to the weekend when the rain gets here. hubby has volunteered to get the mail for me again because i can’t set a foot outside in this weather.

  2. So sorry about the chocolate. Was planning on taking you to a great chocolate shop during your visit. Guess we’ll have to make do with a quilt shop.

  3. The feather detail on his neck is amazing! You have such nice pictures, Sue. Chocolate, oh anything but chocolate! Sometimes that’s all that satisfies…A teacher friend of mine has migraines if she eats it, but she still will, occasionally. We are odd creatures, are we not?

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