Macro Monday

This is a fun feature for the summer months, but I’m not sure I’ll find as many opportunities for a Macro Monday in the winter months.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful day here in Minnesota, and I took a couple of photo breaks and went out to see what kind of buggy business was going on in the wildflowers behind us.  It was a happening place, with all kinds of dragonflies, butterflies, some grasshoppers, lots of bees and beetles.  And then there was this:

I thought it looked like the biggest  bee I’ve ever seen (estimate 1.5″ to 2″).  But I’ve researched through a lot of bee pictures, and I’ve never seen anything like this.  I didn’t think it was a moth, because it never landed on a leaf or flower.  It just hovered, sipping nectar, before lumbering over to the next flower.

It is a Hummingbird Moth, one of the clearwing moths.  At one point, it left the flower and came straight at me.  I felt like my blood literally ran cold, but this thing was so big, it gave me goosebumps out in the 80+ degree sunshine.  I was glad to find out (after the fact) that it is harmless.  Now I hope I see one again sometime!


p.s.  It is thought by some that sightings of these moths many years ago may have been what lead to the belief in fairies!  Nowadays, I think it would lead to thoughts of killer  bees on steroids.

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