Longarm Question

Have any of you upgraded the wheels on your longarm?  If so, what did you put on?  Edge Riders, or is there another option?  Is it a do-it-yourself venture?  I have a Gammill, about six years old.

Any comments/info would be appreciated.

I keep the tracks clean on my machine, but there are sometimes spots where it doesn’t want to turn smoothly.



2 thoughts on “Longarm Question”

  1. I have a gammill and changed out my wheels to edge riders at the same time I added the intellistitch stitch regulator….about 3 years ago. Since I was getting the stitch regulator at the same time, the intellistich (Zoltan) did both.

    Both the wheels and the stitch regulator are fabulous, it was a very good move for me.

  2. I also upgraded my wheels to Edgeriders and felt the machine moved more smoothly…in fact, I suggested to Deb that she change hers.

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