Teapot Parade

I started these photos as just a record-keeping exercise.  I wanted to leave the boys some information about each one for when I’m *gone*, and I didn’t take any special care in the pictures so I apologize for the randomness in the photos.  Some teapots are special mementos, some were gifts from special people, some are from TJ Maxx, and at least one is from a garage sale!  I love them all.



2 thoughts on “Teapot Parade”

  1. They are wonderful. For pure quirkiness I love the fish. It would probably be hard to actually use with that tail as a handle, tho’. Have you actually used all of them?

  2. Hardly any of these teapots have been used. I keep one teapot down within reach for use. For several years, that has been #46, a big, green teapot I got from Pier One. I noticed the glaze is cracking or crazing, so it is officially out of service and up on the corner cabinet. Now I have to choose another teapot to be the “in service” teapot. And I too love quirky teapots!

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