Giveaway Ends…

at noon today, CDT!  I finally chose a 1-yard piece of fabric from my stash, as I couldn’t find any tea or teacup fabric in my limited in-store shopping this week.  I chose a big, floral pattern of roses.  I always thought it would make a cute pillowcase for a little girl…or a not-so-little girl!  Anyway, it suits the pinkness of the basket:

A better look at some of the items…

The three boxes of tea are underneath.  Have you tried the honey sticks yet?  If you like tea, they are just perfect.  It’s like a straw, sealed at both ends, filled with honey.  Snip off one end, and squeeze the perfect portion of honey into your tea.  Lenox china mugs, napkins, teacup note cards, a dishtowel, teapot and a basket!

You have to go to THIS POST, however, to enter.





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