What time is it?

It must be time for a give-away! No good reason — just “because”!

I’ve mentioned that we had some interior painting done a couple of weeks ago.  Painting necessitated moving EVERYTHING in the kitchen/living room/dining room, and we have a lot of stuff.  The biggest challenge was the display of teapots I have above the kitchen cabinets.  I don’t know how many times I was up and down the ladder, but it was a lot!  Then the job of washing everything.  Followed by climbing up and down the ladder countless more times to put everything back.

But a couple of things happened that week:

1)  I counted my teapots.

2)  I decided I could spare one. It’s a brand-new Hues N Brews 40-ounce teapot (with infuser) that I forgot I had!  It’s been in the china cabinet, waiting for its very first Tea Party.  It’s pretty cool.  It has a basket for loose tea right inside the pot.  It has that mid-century look, and reminds me of Fiesta Ware, only in a pastel (if you want the orange one, you’ll have to get it yourself from Amazon!).

So the commenter who has the closest guess of “How Many Teapots Does Sue Have In Her Kitchen” will receive a gift basket including the above-pictured teapot and some other tea-related goodies, and of course some fabric.  (In case of a tie, I will go to a random number generator site to break the tie.)

Now, a few of you have been in my house.  I’ve never noticed anyone counting teapots.  Plus, they have not all been visible at one time.  Plus, it has been an expanding collection!

SO, to help level the playing field, here are a couple of pictures I had on my blog in the past showing a sampling:

and another…

So what time is it? For the person who has the closest guess, it’s TEA TIME!

Leave me a comment with your best guess of the number of teapots I have in my kitchen.  Comments will close at 12:00 CDT (noon) Friday, August 12, 2011.  One entry per person.  Good Luck!

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25 thoughts on “What time is it?”

  1. Okay, I’ll play and guess 50 teapots. BTW, I have a bright red HEAVY Oriental looking teapot on my stovetop right now. Marg.

    1. Just had to add that I just checked through your blog and am loving your photos of the birds/dragonflys/quilts. Am going to add you to my favorites so I can keep on checking back. Trish

  2. I’ll say 93; was gonna say your age but then decided to reverse the numbers. Does a little cleaning fairy come periodically and clean them? Or does Jim???

  3. I’ve seen your collection but have to admit I never thought of counting them, but I know it’s a bunch (that count?) I’ll say 75

  4. I’ll guess 59 teapots. But being a collector myself (of some things other than teapots), I’m thinking it’s probably a lot higher lol.

  5. This is a really tough one, Sue. I counted all the teapots and tins and teacups above my cabinets, and was appalled at the number. But, yours are displayed muchnicer, with a little space between them. So, I’ll guess (randomly), 49, because you did say they aren’t all displayed.

  6. What a fun contest. Been a reader of your blog for a long time and big admirer of all your beautiful photos. Still hoping to get to Alaska one of these days. My tea pot guess is 32.

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