Cone flowers as Bait

The wildflower area behind our house is loaded with wildflowers, and the wildflowers are loaded with insects.  I swear, the flowers “sounded” different today.  It sounds like August.  There’s more buzzing, more cicada-like sounds, and much more insect activity.   Ewww.  So I took pictures.

There are lots of purple cone flowers, beautiful by themselves:

But I’m starting to see them as bait for these little guys…a monarch butterfly:

…a red admiral butterfly:

And remember the tiger swallowtail from a week or two ago?

Even the soldier beetles want to get into the action:

Okay, I promise to have something sewing related soon.


5 thoughts on “Cone flowers as Bait”

    1. I replied to “Floribunda” privately, but for other who may be curious…I use a camera that has a super-zoom lens. It isn’t a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. It’s a digital camera that has a good Zeiss lens and the ability to zoom out 72x (18x optically). It’s a Panasonic FZ35, and I’ve been very pleased with it. I see there is a Panasonic FZ40 out now, and I would probably consider that one if I was in the market.

    1. I answered Billie privately, but I’m usually out for 5 to 10 minutes. It’s been too hot and humid to stay out longer than that. Plus I have allergies and sun-exposure issues. If it’s windy out, I just go back inside — the bugs are all blown away or the flowers are moving around too much. Today was a good, buggy day.

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