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If you don’t have Facebook and never plan to sign up for it or use it, you can skip this post.

Everybody else, listen up!  This is important.

The Minneapolis StarTribune ran an article a while back titled “10 Facebook settings you should check now”.  Actually, I see it was written by Mark W. Smith of the Detroit Free Press, so maybe this article has been in the local paper where you live too.  Maybe not.

Here is the link:  10 Facebook settings you should check now

If you follow these recommendations, it will help keep you from being hacked.

I thought I had my settings set very conservatively and had pretty tight security on my Facebook information.  I did NOT!!! I do NOW!!!

Read the article.  Please.  Then tighten up your security.  Help make the hackers go away.


p.s.  No, I wasn’t hacked, but a friend was.  The hacker/spammer was able to post unwanted stuff on MY wall.

One thought on “Facebook Settings”

  1. Wow!! I thought I had all the bases covered, too–NOT! Thanks for sharing the article; I’ll be passing this on to other friends and family!

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