New Obsession

The last month or so has been consumed by plans to do some redecorating/improving function around our upstairs.  Then a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t stand my sewing room any more, and started reorganizing that room/closet/spill-over areas in the rest of the house.  My, my, my, quilting is an invasive activity.  It is the milfoil weed of hobbies (milfoil is an invasive water weed here in the Midwestern lakes).

Time to get serious and get rid of some stuff, both the quilting and household kind of “stuff”.

Tuesday I decided to try posting an item for sale on ebay.  That was so much fun, Wednesday I posted six more.  A whole new activity has opened up before me!  But this one will bring in some money.  For more stuff.  *sigh*



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