Telephoto Tuesday

(or…any excuse to post bird pictures!)  Our skittish cardinal has been a regular at the feeder.  He just doesn’t hang around very long:

Jim made this board with partially drilled out areas to load with Bark Butter (a product that’s part peanut butter / part suet).  The squirrel LOVED it!  Since the association “took care of” the squirrel (he was naughty — chewed his way into the neighbor’s eaves), this downy woodpecker actually has a chance of getting some.  I like this picture that shows that great foot-hold.

And a cute little goldfinch.  They have become much more plentiful at the feeders.

Yes, spring has finally arrived in Minnesota.  Our crab blossoms have started to open.  The tree should be gorgeous in another couple of days.

That’s it for today.  Hope you have a great Tuesday, and some springtime sneaks into your life today.


p.s.  Book Club today.  I finished The Three Weissmanns of Westport, and should have a new selection posted in the upper right-hand corner soon in case you’d like to read along!

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