If it’s a Wednesday…

then it’s time for a puzzle!  Did you ever notice how really RED Cardinals are?  Even their beaks are red.  We are seeing more cardinals at our feeder this spring, and it’s fun to see them up close and personal, although they are very skittish and the least bit of movement inside the window sends them back to the woods.

Cardinal, Male
Cardinal, Male

And here he is again as a puzzle:

Click to Mix and Solve


One thought on “If it’s a Wednesday…”

  1. many years ago we used to feed the cardinals, especially during the Winter months. We would always have some at out regular bird feeder, but often there would be too many gathered to fed at one time.
    So i hit upon another idea to scatter sunflower seeds on the top of our well cap. it was a space about 3 ft across and about 3 ft high. there was plenty of flight room around it and trees nearby.
    Sure enough word spread quickly among the cardinals, and soon every late afternoon there would be whole flocks of cardinals comming to my improvised table feeder.
    since the top was flat it was very easy to just sweep it clean each day and scatter more seed for them. they were as regular as clockwork and it was a pleasure to see them all grouped together.

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