Telephoto Tuesday

Some pix of visitors to the tree out my kitchen window.

Doesn’t this red-winged blackbird make you think of Heckle & Jeckle?  Or maybe he reminds me of the Windex commercials.

We’re seeing way too many blackbirds and brown-headed cowbirds at the feeder this spring.  I think it’s my new feeder.  I may have to switch out to a finch feeder when then weather warms up a bit.  Hopefully sometime soon…

This guy makes me think of the State Fair…House Finch on a Stick:

A pretty little chickadee:

Another Red-Winged Blackbird.  They puff out their wings when they sing.  It really makes them look bigger than they are with those big red shoulder pads!

And a female Red-Winged Blackbird.  The blackbirds are really obnoxious diners, scattering seeds all over the ground as they dig for their favorite seeds.

And we see the occasional Cardinal.  They don’t spend much time at the feeder.  They just grab a bite and run.  Just like teenagers.

— Sue

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