Design-Wall Monday

Well, I haven’t posted for a few days, so here’s a quick recap of the past week’s events.

  • I did six more Farmer’s Wife Sampler blocks (13 done, only 98 to go!)
  • I made May’s paper-pieced mini “quilt” for a future project with our guild (members who are reading my blog get a “sneak peak”!)
  • I  gave my feathers presentation to our local guild and they didn’t boo me out the door.  They are so well mannered.
  • Took the electric clippers to my hair.

Now a couple of pictures.

I’m rather excited to be working on the FWS blocks again.  We are having a little sub group through our local quilt guild emphasizing working on the various samplers so many of us have going — Dear Jane, Farmer’s Wife, Nearly Insane, Sylvia’s Bridal, etc.  When I checked back on the Yahoo! FWS web site, some wonderful person has converted all the blocks to paper-pieced blocks!  I’m not going to paper piece all of them, but it sure beats making templates for each block.

Here’s one of the new blocks (you can see all of them at the FWS tab at the top of the page):

My little minis so far.  Can’t show you yet what they are for, but I’m making a little quilt for each month.  May’s block is a May basket.  I know, so original.  These paper-pieced patterns are right out of EQ7, sized at 4.5″ square, including the bound edge.  (The basket looks a little lumpy and bumpy because the binding isn’t hand-stitched down yet, just pinned.)

I’m still undecided on how to bind the fleece whole-cloth baby quilt I made a week ago.  Thank you to all of you who had suggestions on how to finish the edges.  I can’t cut and tie the edges because my quilting goes out to the edge.  I did buy some satin binding, but the quilt is a salmony-pink that doesn’t match anything, and so I had to go with white binding.  I might do a blanket stitch to hold the edges together.

If you’re still reading, you’re probably looking for an explanation about me buzzing my hair.  No, I’m not sick and expecting to lose my hair or anything like that.  I love the lady who has been cutting my hair for years, but I have to text her to make an appointment, and sometimes that’s just too much!  I know I’m not the only one who has trouble getting the words you want typed into a text message.  Sooooo frustrating!

I bought the clippers a month ago or so to try giving my trusting husband a haircut.  It worked out great, and I started thinking how convenient  it would be not to have to text, make an appointment, go in for an hour, and spend $$.  I waited until after my presentation to the quilt guild…just in case I gave myself a reverse Mohawk!

I used the clippers with the guard attached that would give me the longest remaining hair (I think it’s a little over 1″).  I buzzed around about the lower 1/3 of my head.  It was so scary and exciting at the same time!  There were big chunks of hair falling to the floor.  I was pretty sure I would be making a panicky call to Doreen, begging for an appointment and promising to pay her whatever she asked!  I cut the top 2/3 of my hair with my big, heavy Ginghers.  Of course you know they cut beautifully, but I kept reminding myself that they don’t know the difference between hair and ear.

I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I’ve been out in public and nobody pointed and laughed out loud (maybe just a little snickering), so I’ll definitely do it again.  No picture yet — have to shower and when DH comes home, I’ll ask him to snap a picture of the finished result.  (and here it is — ugh, how I hate having my picture taken!!!)


8 thoughts on “Design-Wall Monday”

  1. When you said “buzz cut”, I thought it would be the kind that is all spikey(if there is such a word). I thought there would be another picture.I was thinking this was what you had before. It looks nice!

  2. Oh, Eileen, you didn’t see how long it was! My last real haircut was the first week in January. I trimmed it up somewhat about a month ago, but it was still l-o-n-g, especially in the back because I couldn’t see to cut back there.

  3. My husband has paid for only one haircut over about the last 20 some years. He bought a Flowbee ages ago and has used it and the vacuum ever since – he’s worn one out and bought another. Only time he had to pay for a haircut was when he was working in TX and I came down to stay with him for 6 weeks… LOL I think it hurt him to have to break his ‘flowbee streak’.

  4. I was so happy to see your cute haircut. I have gone to my own “Bathroom Cuts” many times in the past. I got pretty good at the reverse image issue when trying to even up the back using a hand mirror. It’s cool that your husband will help you!

  5. Your hair looks great. I first cut my hair about 40 years ago, when I was really angry and didn’t care. I have been doing it ever since. And, I am impressed with all that you are making.

  6. Your hair looks great, love to see your smile, too! See? You are still a quilty blog too, so much creativity here, Sue! ps, I’ve not been sewing much (for myself, anyway) but I think I’ve done a couple of puzzles a day since I did your last bird puzzle…it’s addicting…

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