Needing Advice…

I’m still in my “Practicing Feathers” mode.  Here’s what I did:

I put two pieces of a yummy salmon fleece together without batting and quilted it.  I love the effect, and it will make a nice cushy floor-type blanket for somebody’s baby.

The Dilemma:  I don’t know how to bind it.  It’s already pretty thick with two layers of fleece.  Is there a satin binding available that isn’t real wide?  Should I do a traditional cotton binding?  Do you have another idea?  Should I make my own satin binding?  H-E-L-P!


5 thoughts on “Needing Advice…”

  1. I agree with Sandy, just would just clip the edges like for a rag quilt. However, if you really want to bind it, go with the satin. The two different tactile sensations would make any baby happy 🙂

  2. I think I would use a satin binding, so I think you would have to make it yourself. I’m sure it can’t be all that hard, we’re quilters after all. It would be a new take on an old style blankie. I really love the feathers. They are my absolute favourite quilting motif.

  3. Your feathers look so pretty, I can’t draw them yet, so whats the hope in sewing them, lol. I think you could trim around your scallop-y border, and it would look ni
    :-}pokeyce just like that. But you know, everyone has an opinion, it doesn’t mean you have to listen.

  4. I would use satin blanket binding as little ones love to rub the different textures! Make your own or use a coupon @ JoAnn’s would be my choice!

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