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I belong to a book club (we are all quilters and stitch during our monthly book club meetings — how cool is that???).  I thought some of you that enjoy reading but don’t have the time or the opportunity to join a book club might like to check out what we’re reading each month.

I added a note in the right-hand column just giving the book and author.  We meet next week, so there will be a new title after our next meeting.

We try to select something that’s in paperback or readily available at the library.  No bodice-rippers.  No throbbing bosoms.  We try to stay away from bad language.  And we really AREN’T (that) boring!  We also try to choose a book that will inspire some interesting conversation at the next meeting.

I’m really enjoying this month’s selection, The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  In fact, it’s part of the reason I had nothing new for my design wall yesterday!


3 thoughts on “Book Club”

  1. I read that a few months back – I don’t remember if it was for our book club or not. Anyway – I agree, interesting book. I wasn’t expecting much to tell you honestly. Mostly because I wasn’t in a “deep book” mood. But, this was deep enough to be interesting, but not so deep to make my brain hurt! Have a great conversation over it!

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