“The Big Tree”

And I thought I have trouble coming up with original names.

We delayed our return to Minnesota so we could spend a day visiting some sights on a tour through the east Texas countryside lead by Monsignor Rory Deane, a retired Irish priest.  The road trip included a stop at Lamar Peninsula, close to Rockport, Texas, Goose Island State Park, to see The Big Tree (and we saw some Whooping Cranes as a bonus), a stop at the O’Connor Ranch, a ranch of 500,000 acres near Tivoli, TX, (where there was Mass at the St. Dennis church right on the ranch), and we ended the tour in Goliad, Texas.

Here is a picture of The Big Tree, believed to be over 1,000 years old, and also believed to be the largest live oak in Texas:

The Big Tree, Lamar, Texas

The Big Tree is a live oak.  I had never heard of a “live oak” before we started visiting Texas.  (I thought all oak trees that were living would be “live oaks”.)  Live oaks are an evergreen type of tree.

Monsignor Dean lives close by, and knew where there was a family of Whooping Cranes.

Whooping Cranes, Lamar, Texas

Monsignor Deane’s favorite poem is “The Secret” by Ralph S. Cushman.  Since it’s copyrighted, I will just offer a link HERE.  Whenever I read it, I think of our time on the Gulf of Mexico; as it’s been recited so often when Monsignor Deane is around, most everyone knows it by heart.

Have a wonderful weekend…and how about a give-away starting next week sometime?  It’s going to be a bit different, so stay tuned…


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