Design-Wall Monday!

Today is more of a Design Pile Monday.  I’m working on my feathers, and I thought place mats would be a good practicing ground.  I’m doing two different sets, and I’m definitely enjoying this loosey-goosey yellow set.

The place mats are kind of a feather sampler; I’m doing a different feather design on each one.  These really go fast, and would make a great shower gift.  Or any kind of gift! (This quilting design is from Suzanne Earley’s More Meandering Magic.)  I’m making at least a dozen, so I see a lot of binding in my future.

We got back from Texas about two weeks ago.  I took some pictures early in the morning on our way out of Oklahoma.  The sun was just rising and there was a lot of ground fog in the low-lying areas.  I especially like this one:

Oklahoma Sunrise

Not bad for 70 miles per hour, and NO, I wasn’t driving!  I did set the camera up for action shots, which helped eliminate blur.

Yesterday I saw my first robin of the Minnesota spring.

First Robin

He was noshing on the recently thawed crab apples out my kitchen window, and between bites he was singing his heart out.  Welcome back, springtime!


7 thoughts on “Design-Wall Monday!”

  1. Good job on those feathers, I’m envious of your skill. Also, thanks for the scenery photos- gives me a chance to travel from the comfort of my computer chair!

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