Great Blue Herons

(Thank you, all of you who responded.  My pictures seem to be showing up now.  I had to change a setting on my picture storage locations.  Thanks for your patience!  I will be re-posting my mottled duck picture that didn’t come through right.)

There are a lot of great blue herons along the Gulf of Mexico, and this is nesting time.  We often see them at home, feeding in the shallow ponds.  It’s fun to see the herons across down here on their nests.  Can you see them in about the center of the picture?

A close-up view of the same pair of great blues on their nest:

Great Blue Herons on their nest


Great Blue Heron pair

And I love this photo of the heron, looking a little wild…

Posing for the camera

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  1. I use Google Reader, too. Your pictures are coming through just fine on the reader. When I click over to your actual blog I get the heron pics, too. However, the posts from March 3rd of the mottled duck showed in Google Reader, but I got ‘Error 404-Not found’ when I tried to see the post in your actual blog. I really love your pics 😀

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