Design Wall Monday is for Lovers

Okay, is that the worst segue from quilting into Valentine’s Day you’ve ever heard???

I did some work on my yellow monochromatic challenge, and I just have the borders left  I love how fresh the yellow and white color scheme is.

And some Valentine’s Day pix.  Maybe you’ll be lucky to have a nice walk with someone special…

( pair of terns) or maybe a little dancing…

Northern Shovelers

Whatever your day holds, I hope it’s a Marvelous Monday.


6 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday is for Lovers”

  1. The yellow quilt is wonderful…I couldn’t picture what it was gonna look like and now that I see it it’s a keeper. Congrats. Currently in MN w/Phil dealing w/health issues. With any luck we’ll be heading back, driving, to AZ by the weekend.

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