Weather Report…

I can pretty much guarantee that nobody in Port Aransas, TX, has been out in their hot tub or pool today.  We were down in the 20s last night, and I don’t think we got out of the 30s today.  The wind is very strong and sharp and unrelenting.  And it’s FEBRUARY!!!  So wrong…but it’s quite an experience.

We had two rolling blackouts today; it’s been over 20 years since Texas had to resort to rolling blackouts to meet energy needs.  People are heating their houses and trying to keep their pipes from freezing, as we have a projected four nights in the low 20s.  In addition, some generators have gone out today.

The rolling blackouts are basically planned outages to reduce energy consumption.  The two we had today lasted about 45 minutes each.  There’s supposed to be another one tonight before 10:00, so I have to hurry and finish this post!  I have a candle ready so I can watch TV by candlelight.  hahaha

Texas has even imported energy from Mexico today.  So very wrong…

I’m hoping this cold weather doesn’t drive all the interesting birds away.  There’s a lot of concern over the plant life here, and it makes me wonder how the more tropical wildlife will fare.

Schools are closed Thursday and Friday in Corpus Christi.  Schools will close early Thursday and be closed Friday in our little town.  This is a very strange week.

A positive note:  I am wearing a snuggly pair of hand-knit wool socks, and my feet are nice and warm!  Because I know inquiring minds will want to know, I’m wearing this pair:

Zauberball Crazy Socks


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  1. We are cold in AZ for February…but not that cold! Yesterday we set an all-time low for the high @ 44 degrees. Covered the plants for the freezing temps last two nights! Weird all over!!!

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