Charlie’s Pasture

Today we took our first walk of the year through what’s called Charlie’s Pasture.  There is a long boardwalk over muddy flats and wetlands.  It’s quite secluded, and since people are pretty sparse, you’re quite likely to see some interesting birds.  Or maybe not.  You never know!

Reddish Egret

I took a photo of what I thought was a blue heron.  When I got it on the computer, I could see it was certainly not a Great Blue Heron, but rather it’s a Reddish Egret (dark-morph breeding adult).  (Who named that bird anyway???  I mean, really, I bet you could come up with something better than “reddish”!)  And he really does have two legs; one was tucked up in his undercarriage.

Later on today, I visited Paradise Pond.  I was treated to the best view I’ve ever had of a Black-Crowned Night Heron.  Usually they are across the pond and I have to max my zoom out to get a look.  This guy was just a few feet away (well, maybe 20 feet or so), so I got much better detail.

Black-Crowned Night Heron

These are nocturnal birds, and after a few minutes of giving me “the eye”, he buried his face in his fluffy feathers.  Instant sleep mask!

Black-Capped Night Heron...Napping

What a good birding day!  Now to get at some sewing.


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