Ready or Not…

It’s 2011!  Wow, weren’t we just worrying about all the problems in Y2K?  For that matter, where did the last 60 years go???

On a quilting note, I’m going to do Judy L’s Monochromatic Challenge.  I made a couple of additional rules for myself.  1.  Pull fabrics from stash only; and 2.  Use Terry Atkinson’s Urban Cabin pattern.  3.  Do it, even if you hate the color or don’t own much.  It’s a CHALLENGE!!!

January’s color is YELLOW.  When I went to pulls some yellow fabrics, I found that is one color I don’t use much of.  More like NONE of.  Ever.  I’m not sure why.  Yellow is a nice color.  My yellows are leaning towards the gold range, but they will work.  And the Urban Cabin pattern is all about blocks of color, it’s quick and easy, Terry’s patterns are easy to follow, I won’t have to deliberate each month over the pattern I want to use, and I already own it!  Done deal.

I’m also participating in Judy L’s UFO Challenge (button on left side bar), which dovetails nicely with my only New Year’s Resolution:  2011 will be the year of completion!  Judy drew for January’s UFO, and we will start with #6.  On my list, that is my cowboy boots quilt.  How appropriate that I will be working on that quilt in Texas!  (Can you hear me packing?)

And since it’s New Year’s weekend, here is a puzzle for you to relax with.  It’s from the JigZone site, and they used a pretty challenging cut.  Don’t be discouraged, hang in there — it’s doable!  Of course, if you’re still drinking champagne, it may take you longer.  Click on picture to begin…

Click to Mix and Solve

And I’m raising a virtual glass of bubbly to all of you…May Your Bobbin Always Be Full!  (Okay, that isn’t original, but I don’t know who said it first.  The wish is sincere, however!)


2 thoughts on “Ready or Not…”

  1. I will be working on my quilt with the help of a “dear friend”, I hope! Can’t hardly wait, only 8 more days, but who is counting. Eileen

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