I’ve fallen into a snow globe and can’t get out!!!

This is just getting ridiculous!  I was on the roads around noon today, and the roads were pretty greasy feeling with this new snow coming down.  Not good.  It’s been snowing continuously since this morning.  Rush hour must be a mess tonight.

And the Vikings-Bears game!!!  Being played at the University of Minnesota’s TCF stadium (because of the deflation of the Metrodome roof from the last storm)!!!  Yes, it’s an open stadium.  The game should be entertaining, from a weather standpoint, at least.


5 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. My husband is planning on watching the game primarily because he loves seeing snow – on TV. We live in AL and are pleased to have others experience snow.

  2. It was sort of fun to watch. Sorry to see Farve get a concussion. That whole scene was brutal! Now, my Eagles game was enough excitement for everyone! Eagles/Vikings this weekend!

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